Self-Realisation Came with Meditation

Hello Friends,  My name is Gayatri.

My life before Meditation : 16yr non-veg weekly once, 8 year karma clearance with physical emotional and mental tortures at home with physical body family relations .. this self- realisation came with meditation that helped me to connect to truth. Those days home used to be like a lab whenever meat was eaten in home by any, immediately fight or little of violence or stress used to happen. If all beloved Muslims learn to love animals rather than eating and meditating, then they shall become nonviolence humans.

Stepping into Meditation : Understanding of right education system after leaving fathers expectation of becoming IITian or IAS and mothers expectation of B.Tech Software .. and thanks to Hemalatha auntys Pyramid Meditation Centre in Vizag, whose library books when I read about 100 was like completing right graduation from PSSM Society. Thanks to their most compassionate free wisdom classes from various masters . Hail on to PSSM

At Pyramid Valley : Thanks to pyramid valley international in Bengaluru for giving much greater experience of realising myself where I am called to work for one year.

Life Partner : Meditation helped me to find a partner with whom I got chance to experience Hindhu Dharma concept of “Kama” in Dharma Artha Kama Moksha when I have to marry him with rules for the sake of parents. Osho books helps couples to have right living wisdoms. Thanks to Osho whom I knew only threw PSSM Moment. What an amazing PSSM Society who encourages perfectly right author books for Spiritual Seekers.

Spiritual Workshops : While at pyramid valley got chance to attend Kaya and Christiane Muller’s workshop of It helped me to choose works as per my date of birth. Recommend them to parents to guide their kids with and also students to check themselves what work they like to choose rather than going behind most popular jobs.

Vegetarianism & Meditation : I missed spiritual wisdom in childhood and right parenting also to an extent that was well corrected later by connecting to PSSM .. request all parents to become Vegetarian & Meditator to become basic step to good parent.

Women Empowerment : Specially to women as suggested by respected Rae Chandran who says that, one of my work being woman empowerment. Request guys to understand first Godess Sita and Droupathi, the most popular female roles .. and encourage female to choose to be their uniqueness as per their ability and maturity and love yourselves. Woman represent the Nature – The Prakrithi. Until you are a Vegetarian & a Meditator you are not the best female and a good sister, friend, wife, mother and all roles. Guys are worshipping those movie actress who act with many guys on screen, chill women enjoy your nature and always keep with u those female qualities of kindness, love and warmth. All vegetarian meditator women are special godess in their homes. Life is good anyhow. (Meditation helped me get this clarity after meeting male in family and outside and realising that we are just spirits experiencing life in this, it’s wonderful to perform female duties in family and anywhere , enjoy every role

PSSM helped me : The two best wings of PSSM being PSSA Textbooks in all school for the kid should have basics of spiritual knowledge right from childhood must be recommended by every parent to their friends and schools, and deep respects to who encourages “understand and heal your root causes to get real truths and health” .. support true health care centres unlike chemical medicines if u like pure nature’s healings to happen to you and all your co-beings. PSSM gave me a chance to know wonderful books on health like “You are the Placebo” by Joe Dispenza, “Heal your Health” by Louis.L.Hay , “Hands of Light” by Barbara, etc, etc that can amazingly help futures natural true healing methodologies only for Vegetarian Humans. People’s after Vegetarianism, trust on nature and true healings by supporting noble experienced moments like will help our people get real wisdom benefits. Special thanks to respected G.K. Sir. May the commercial world not take advantage of sensitive points of kids education and health to give you all unnecessary things with their advertisements. Nature is the best teacher and understanding spiritual root cause is the best doctor. PSSM gave us all opportunity with its wings for truths if India quote is “truth shall win”.

My understanding of poor and rich also changed after connecting to PSSM and getting valuable right books wisdom and lessons of life. Lord Buddha also said middle path is best final path. My consciousness experienced rich material money grandfather being government engineer with six servants from government itself when I am kid, and later on in life also saw phases with no money after going to Bengaluru . I managed hotel and servants under me, but one day when they dint came cleaned myself customers plates. The poverty life angle was realised to me well and I still wish to be human who can do any work with efficiency that shall be gifted by Pyramid Meditation. Rich shall be whose needs are less for which meditation helps. The two another major points I realised with greater PSSM are “the root cause of all desires is desire of sex” which people following good rules shall have with their partner and finish and “root cause of all fears is fear of death” which shall be lost if one realise their soul.

– Gayatri

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