My Vision and Life’s Purpose is Spreading Oneness

Hello Friends! My name is Ojas, and I am the Founder of Diviners Organisation, I was born on 20th November, 1989 in Andhra Pradesh state of India.

Dance has always played a very important role in his life…since his childhood. It has always been something which gave him utmost Joy.

Being naturally passionate about it, he used to participate and perform a lot in dance shows at school programs, at various other gatherings, celebration events, etc., and so on.

After 15 years of schooling, he started practicing ‘Anapanasati – Meditation’ through the guidance of few senior meditators from ‘Pyramid Spiritual Societies’. Regular and sincere practice of meditation moulded him into a very humble, self balanced and awareness filled person. Till the age of 21 years he was deeply involved in the movement of spreading meditation, spirituality and vegetarianism through his participation in various New Age Spiritual and Cultural programs and activities. This helped him to learn, to share and to expand his consciousness and knowledge about life and it’s mysteries more deeply.

The year 2008, was very crucial in the life of Ojas. Along with spiritual knowledge and wisdom, his passion and love towards Dance also grew more and more. It always awakened more consciousness and deep spiritual knowledge within him. With the love and passion he had for Dance, he started ‘‘Anando Brahma Music and Dance School’’ with the help of Dr. G.K. and Madam Padma, members of ‘Vizag Pyramid Spiritual Society’. While training the kids, he could identify and explore various unique elements in Dance and started to realize the deep significance and the essence of all Arts even more. He started understanding that Arts was more than just a tool of Joy. He could sense and feel that there is a Divine Energy present within each and every Art that has the power to lead every human towards their Self Realization and Transformation. He could understand all this by observing himself deeply and patiently while he was performing and learning more and more, about Dance and other Arts. As such by observing and knowing this Universal Truth about Arts…he understood that one’s own self-observation itself is the Ultimate Master and Guru. His Passion to spread this truth and significance of Arts grew more and more within him along with time. And he realized that he can share, learn and expand this knowledge about Arts through imparting dance guidance to the people, all over the world.

The journey in his worldly and spiritual path went on. One day in his spiritual journey of Self-Exploration, while he and his Brother Mukesh and his friend Praveena were playfully experimenting a Past Life Regressing Technique…unexpectedly a Soul Channeling happened to Mukesh. In this channeling process, the soul shared many amazing things with Ojas about his further spiritual endeavors. The soul told Ojas “You are a Savior and there is a Great Purpose for you on this Earth. You have to unite many people and Souls on this Earth.”

After saying this to Ojas, the soul asked him to promise for the same. As such, Ojas promised and asked, “I will definitely do as you said.

However I do not know how to do and go ahead in this spiritual purpose?”

In return, the soul answered saying, “Do not worry, just start with and the necessary things will happen naturally.”

After this experience, he continued the journey of his Spiritual Realization and Purpose, more intensely. He travelled to various places like Mumbai, Delhi, Himalayas, Nepal etc., . In 2011, while being in Mumbai, he learnt and had several great experiences which helped him to understand his life purpose in a better manner.

In 2013, he travelled to Himalayas from Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) with just Rs. 500/- . It was his experimental trip to know about himself and to explore life, more deeply. He was determined to understand Nature’s ways and the Universe’s ways of working more deeply. He travelled for about 300km by foot in the Himalayas region. He started living without any requirement of money. After few days he experienced the depths of hunger and even faced a near death experience, at a stage.

During that time he met Prem, a Nepali, who helped him survive. He invited Ojas to his home. His family honored and took care of him very well. Ojas shared all the spiritual knowledge and wisdom he acquired over the years, with them, which made them all feel more connected to each other. Their association built a deep gratitude and friendship between Ojas and Prem. With this experience, he realized that pure giving and sharing is the bridge between people’s hearts. He practically experienced and understood that love and wisdom are really honored beyond the limitations of country boundaries, people’s riches & pride, religion, gender. And that, with love one can undoubtedly live beyond the requirements of money very happily.

This Himalayan Trip experience awakened and transformed him into a Whole New Person. He understood that One’s life Purpose begins with an Intuition and we can fulfill our Purpose with Love and Wisdom, in spite of hard struggles and challenges.

On his way back home, he stayed in Delhi for some time. There, one day, he heard his inner voice asking him a question very strongly, – ‘Ojas, when love & humanity is more powerful than money…why are you charging money from people in return for training them in dance? ’. He was awestruck by this one question. As he pondered on this question more deeply, he realized that Dance or any other Art for that sake, are not anyone’s own possessions. They are Nature’s Pure Gifts to Man given freely, to Know, to express and to Share his Unlimited Potential in as many Creative Ways as possible. This realization made him to understand the deepest essence and true significance of all the Arts in the world. He realized that Arts is not a material or a commercial thing to make money or a business out of it… It is a Way of Expressing our Gratitude towards the Creation…Art is a Gift to be shared with One and All, but it is not to be sold.

Since then, he decided and got completely determined to the idea of Sharing his gifted Art of Dance all over the World beyond the exchange of Money.

He understood that materialistic requirements should never lead or drive one’s purpose and work. The love we share and the services we offer to mankind will naturally generate and regenerate all the requirements needed in the life. Now he has completely committed himself to spread this awareness and understanding among all mankind, all over the world.

One more important aspect in Ojas’s spiritual journey and self-transformation was his mother’s blessing.

After reaching home, Ojas shared his experiences and the wisdom he gained during his Himalayan trip with his family. His transformation was clearly seen by all. He expressed his decisions with his family and friends about sharing his gifted Transforming Art Techniques all over the world it is his Strong Commitment to bring Oneness all over the world by spreading the Awareness and Significance of Pure Giving & Sharing without any expectations…which will make all Mankind progress towards Oneness.

Sensing his Unwavering Determination & Unconditional Love towards the whole World…his mother blessed him saying “ Ojas, when so many Great Spiritual Enlightened Masters like Brahmarshi Patriji and many others are able to do so much good for the world by dedicating their lives for the Service & Peace of Humanity at their middle age…I can sense and see how much more good you can do for everyone in the world by dedicating & surrendering yourself to such a huge Grand Oneness Mission on earth, at such a more younger age than them. The World definitely needs more of such Enlightened and Committed Youngsters like you for sure. I set you completely free from now, my son, and I wholeheartedly wish you Complete Success in your Oneness Mission.” Saying thus, she set him free to go ahead as per his Freewill to fulfill his Life’s Mission of bringing Oneness among all Mankind.

From there on, Ojas has been able to move ahead more freely and easily towards working and manifesting his Vision and Life’s Purpose of spreading Oneness. This is his Complete Life Work, now.

The ‘Diviners Organisation’ is the first & one of the main parts of this huge Oneness Mission. Here, through Arts as a medium, he wishes to spread the awareness and importance of ‘Pure Giving & Sharing’, all over the world… by helping everyone know the true power of ‘Unconditional Love and Friendship’ which Our World highly needs now…and to make everyone know that these are the ultimate ways to realize one’s own Divinity and to establish Oneness, Peace and Harmony on our Earth.

– Ojas, Founder – Diviners Organisation

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