Meditation Youth

First PSSM Youth Conference


Meditation Youth

First PSSM Youth Conference


LIVE Streaming


Invitation to
All Youngsters, All Masters
PSSM Youth Conference – II
12th Aug, 2017 at Yaanam

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About PSSM Youth

PSSM Youth is an active wing of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement created for spreading Love and Light, and to achieve aims and objectives of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. It’s main intention is to create awareness in Youth about the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD .. ONENESS and about Self Identity.

It promotes Meditation & Vegetarianism, which are the two main pillars of Spirituality. PSSM Youth promotes the way of achieving Beautiful Life through inculcating Spiritual Aspects in individual life, Guiding Youth to access their Inner Infinite Potentiality, Promoting Scientific Temper towards Spirituality, Meditation, Vegetarianism & Understanding the Power of Pyramid Energy are the main motto of this group.

Youth & Spirituality

‘Youth’ is the time to enjoy, laugh and learn…but not depressed and sad

Youth has to explore and expand the joy and the talents within them

Meditation makes youth joyful and utilizes their talents in efficient ways
which are very much required in this age of competitive environment.

Meditation is not only for old people, but also for the worldly young people,
who are technically driven in every area with the basic power of analysis, the basic brain power.

Over all, to enlighten yourselves and to enable yourselves to lead a ‘joyful’ life ..

Catch yourself Early !
Catch yourself Fresh !!
Catch yourself Young !!!

– Brahmarshi Patriji

Youth Transformations

1st PSSM Youth Conference Highlights

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